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Internationally renowned researchers

in the field of detector technology

Mokhtar Chmeissani


Baretek CEO and co-founder. IFAE professor.

Earned his PhD in Physics from University of Michigan, USA. Has 25 years of experience in the instrumentation of radiation detectors in general and the pixel detectors in particular.
Enrique Fernández


Baretek co-founder. Professor Emeritus UAB

Earned his PhD in Physics from Purdue University, USA. Has more than 32 years of experience in high-energy particle detectors, particularly gaseous drift chambers and calorimeters.
Sebastian Grinstein


Baretek co-founder. ICREA Professor at IFAE

Earned his PhD in Physics from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. Expert in radiation detectors for high energy physics and medical instrumentation. Expertise in microelectronic device assembly and characterization.
Thorsten Lux


Baretek co-founder. Senior Researcher at IFAE

Earned his PhD in Physics from University of Hamburg, Germany. 15 years in instrumentation. Expertise in gaseous and scintillator detectors and system integration in general.

Microelectronic Assembly Services

State of the art ASIC, FPGA and microcontroller assembly technologies

Flip chip

Flip chip with pixel pitch as small as 50 µm.

Solder ball deposition

Solder ball deposition capabilities down to 40 µm in diameter.

High Precision Pick and Place

Versatile platform with 5 µm placing precision for a variety of substrates sizes. With this precision it is possible to tile sensors next to each other almost without gaps.

Automatic wire-boding

Fully automated state of the art wire-bonder fitting different wire diameters for ASIC and power devices.

Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven to improve the quality of the soldering quality by cleaning oxidized surfaces.

High Resolution X-ray imaging

High Resolution X-ray imaging with 1 µm spatial resolution. Excellent solution for Non Destructing quality control micro-electronics

Bond Tester

Pull and shear capabilities for wire-bond, solder ball, and die attach. For quality control to optimize the process at the start and during production.

We are experts in radiation detectors

for high energy physics, medical and industry applications

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